Define SAP® servers connections

You can define SAP® servers connection preferences for DML Mappings in:

Select Window > Preferences > Axway > Connections > SAP Servers.

SAP® servers connector libraries

A number of SAP® connector libraries are required to access an SAP® system. These libraries are not distributed with the Mapping Services application. You can download them from the SAP® Web site. An SAP® license is required.

The required libraries to connect to an SAP® system are:sapjco3.dll, sapjco3.jar and sapidoc3.jar.

You must copy the library sapjco3.dll to one of the following:

  • <Mapping Services installation folder>/plugins/
  • <Mapping Services installation folder>/plugins/com.axway.dml.mapper.standalone_2.5.0.vxxxxxxxx-xxxx/engine/load
Note   Use the 64 bit dll version.

You must copy the sapjco3.jar and sapidoc3.jar libraries to one of the following:

  • <Mapping Services installation folder>/plugins/
  • <Mapping Services installation folder>/plugins/com.axway.dml.mapper.standalone_2.5.0.vxxxxxxxx-xxxx/engine/java/lib/ext

After copying the jar and dll files to the corresponding folders, you must restart Mapping Services for the changes to take effect.

SAP® servers connection parameters

You can define the SAP® Server connections used by Mapping Services to connect to different SAP® servers.

Review the connection options in the following table.

Option Definition

Enter the name of the remote SAP® host. This can take one of two formats:

  • TCP/IP host name, or a valid DNS name (if DNS is being used) or an IP address.
  • SAP® router address. This takes the format: /H/routername/S/service/…/H/hostname.
System number Enter the system number defined at the SAP® host. This number can be any integer between 0 and 99. This parameter defaults to the SAP® default 0.
Gateway host (Optional) Enter the name of the remote SAP® gateway (TCP/IP address or SAP® router address).
Gateway service Enter the TCP/IP port used on both the local system and the remote SAP® gateway.
Client number Enter the client number for the connection to the remote SAP® system.
User Enter the SAP® login user name.
Password Enter the password for the SAP® user.
Language Optionally, enter the two-digit language code to use when establishing an ALE link. The default language is English.

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