Modify Mapping objects

After creating a DML Mapping Project, you can modify the project and the mapping objects. Mapping Services provides a couple of comfortable editors which support you.

You can rename, move, copy and delete mapping objects like files, tables, or even whole Mapping Projects. Mapping Services ensures logic consistency and keeps the integrity and validity of the workspace. Axway Mapping Services provides comfortable editors which enable you to modify Mapping Projects and contained objects.

Note For conceptual information about Mapping Services, such as the project structure, the life-cycle of Mappings, the product architecture, the Mapping Services Workbench, and Mapping Services specific terminology, refer to the Axway Mapping Services Overview Guide.

To modify an existing DML Mapping Project:

  • Select Window > Show View > Project Explorer to open the Project Explorer.
  • In the Project Explorer click on the respective Mapping Project you want to modify. Now, you can see the folders of the Mapping Project and the Project file.
  • To modify the Mapping Project, double-click the Project file to open it.
  • To modify a mapping object, open the respective folder and double-click the mapping object to open it.
  • Now, you can start your work and modify whatever you have to in the open mapping object.

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