Maps are the central processing units of integration applications. Each Map receives information held in one or more input Business Document and generates information to one output Business Document.

A Map is a design specification. It specifies which fields or records of a source message are copied (and if required manipulated) to the target Business Document. Both source and target Business Document formats can either be data format descriptions of specific applications, or Standard Message Descriptions, such as EDIFACT or SAP message descriptions that can be imported from the repository.

Maps have properties and descriptions that identify the general parameters of the Map and that identify the associated documentation (see Map properties) .

A Map is contained in and belongs to a Mapping Flow (see Mapping Flows).

Maps have the file extension .mdm.

Input Business Document

A Map may have a single input Business Document or none at all. You can directly map the data contained in the node of an input Business Document to nodes of the output Business Document. You can also transform any of the data contained in the input Business Document before writing it to the output.

Output Business Document

Every Map is linked to an output Business Document. Maps are sets of expressions that generate values for the nodes of this output Business Document.

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