Use Business Document Validation Rules

Validation Rules are sets of Boolean expressions that enable the Map Engine to check the content of a Business Document in DML during message processing.

In a DML Mapping Project, the Business Document describes the composition and structure of the input and output messages for the Mappings.

Some of the prebuilt Business Documents that you import to Mapping Services include a set of default Validation Rules. This is true, for example, for the prebuilt Business Documents provided by the Axway SWIFTNet solution for handling specific SWIFT message types.

In other cases you may choose to add a Validation Rule to detect faulty message structure or content.

Input messages

When the Map Engine parses an input message to a Business Document for processing in a Map, it confirms that the message content and/or structure conform to the rules specified by the Validation Rules.

Output messages

When the Map Engine builds an output Business Document from the output result of a Map, it confirms that the node content and/or structure conform to any rules set in the Validation Rules.

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