Business Document data encoding

When the Map Engine processes an input message for use in a Map, the Map Engine extracts the raw data from the input message and inserts it into structured nodes of a Business Document. As the Map Engine parses the data to the nodes of the Business Document, it assigns an encoding type to the data.

In a DML Mapping Project, the Business Document describes the composition and structure of the input and output messages for the Mappings.

After installing the Map Engine, these default encoding types are available:

  • ISO 8859
  • UTF-8
  • UTF-16
  • UTF-32
  • UCS-2
  • UCS-4
  • JIS
  • SJIS
  • ibmknj
  • EUC-JP
  • big5

You can change the data encoding for an entire Business Document by selecting one or the other of these encoding types. You can add additional encoding options by editing the <Mapping Services install folder>/configuration/ file.

For XML and Flat File type Business Documents, you can set the encoding for individual nodes.

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