Axway Mapping Services 3.3.1 Release Notes

New features and enhancements

Updated message format / version support

The following Standards Library formats are now supported:

  • X12 7040 / AAR 7040

Licensing change

Mapping services is no longer a licensed product, but is included within B2Bi.

Concatenate all resulting instances available for SAP IDOC

In the Flow editor, the Concatenate instances into message option is enabled when an IDoc business document is linked to the output.

Background deployment

You can now run the deployment for DML and Datamapper maps in the background by clicking on the Run in background option from the deploy dialog. However, you cannot modify or save any deployed objects during the deployment process. You can check the status for all deployed objects in the Deployment view. Do not close Mapping Services while there are deployments in progress because they will fail.

BDoc context menu UI enhancements

The following improvements were made to the UI:

  1. When adding a Leaf or a Parent in the BDoc, the new line is in edit mode with the cell containing the name entirely selected.
  2. The "Insert" action in the context menu was renamed to "Add".
  3. Shortcut keys for Undo/Redo, Add, Move Left/Right/Down/Up are now available where applicable.

Identify the BDoc/Map type

The BDOC type and Map type are now easily identified in the Navigation view.

Remove BDoc name column

Unnecessary name column was removed and name displays beside the document.

DML Map expression editor usability enhancements

You can expand the Expression field to have more space to edit the expression and comment fields. You can also delete expressions for all children in a subtree, provide the parent is selected also.

DML map editor

Generated Mapping expressions are improved. In a DML map, when you map a string into a string field that has a length greater than the input field, a getSubstring function is added automatically.

Fixed issues

Case ID Internal ID Description    
00898712 MS-953 XML schema importer - fixed issue when importing a PIDX standard as an XML business document. The prefix pidx: is now displayed.    
00910582 MS-975 WSDL map - fixed issue when creating a WSDL map from a DHL WSDL. Now the root element in the created XML business document has all of the specified attributes as children.    
00873204 MS-792 Fixed issue - Where a Datamapper map was unable to copy & paste records in Source and Target Views.    
00894142 MS-958

Improvements were made for XML importer: cXML DTD. There is a limitation; DTD namespaces cannot be handled. If elements from namespaces are needed, then the following workaround should be applied. Workaround for namespaces:

  1. Replacements should be made in the DTD file:
    • "xades:" replace with "sades_"
    • "ds:" replace with "ds_"
  2. Import the DTD as XML business document in Mapping Services.
  3. In the Business Document editor, create a namespace element in the root element of each replacement in the DTD ("xades" and "ds").
  4. Use the Find/Replace feature to set namespaces for every element that starts with "xades_" (set namespace to xades).
  5. Repeat #4 for "ds".
  6. Open the Business Document in a text editor to rename all elements starting with "xades_"/"ds" - these two prefixes should be removed from the element's name.
00899606 MS-966 EDIFACT business document - Now allows the user to make the first segment of a group optional. A warning is displayed if the first segment is optional, because this is against the standard.    
00845315 MS-967 Fixed a problem on XML generation - If elementFormDefault was unqualified or nor present, an "xmlns=" attribute was generated anyway by the DML XSD message generator. This is now fixed.    
00874281 MS-936 XSD importer - the definition set for nonNegativeInteger fields was "10" even though the definition in XML schema is higher. Now the imported definition is set to accommodate the length defined in the XML schema.    
- MS-952 Handling of the xsi:schemaLocation attribute inside the XML-XSD parser is now supported.    
- MS-69 Added option for Simulation Suite simulation to avoid opening the created output files.    

Known issues


With Mapping Services 3.3.1, only the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported. The 32-bit versions are not supported.

Version Management with SVN

Native SVN support

SVN version 1.8

Resource refactoring

Renaming resources or moving resources within the SVN repository is not supported.

Password handling

It is required that the password to the SVN repository must be stored (checkbox Save password when defining the SVN repository location).


Locking is possible only on project level (not on resource level, for example, for flows).

Global Runtime Objects

Objects under Global Runtime Objects must be shared from this folder.

Committing global objects from a unshared project

  • Changes to global objects can only be committed if the resource resides within a shared project.
  • Workaround: Work with global objects only in shared projects.

Determining dependencies between objects

  • Dependencies between objects might not be computed correctly, if the automatic build is deactivated.
  • Workaround: Keep the option Build Automatically in the Project menu activated.


JDBC driver

To simulate an SQL map in Mapping Services, the appropriate JDBC driver should be copied to the following location:


Message Viewer lock

When opening files with Message Viewer, a lock is put on those files so they cannot be modified by other editors. It may take a while before the file is unlocked after the Message Viewer editor is closed.

HTTPS UI connection limitations for Map deployment

If you enable HTTPS for the B2Bi UI connection and also select the Require client authentication option in B2Bi, the Map deployment from Mapping Services fails. Do not select the Require client authentication option for HTTPS if you intend to deploy maps from Mapping Services to B2Bi.

Create new DML project based on a template

This feature is not supported in Mapping Services 3.3.1.

Nacha-Addenda Flow

This feature is not supported in Mapping Services 3.3.1.

XSD Date Pattern Validation

The validation of the XSD Business Document means validation of the DML date patterns if there are restrictions for date types defined in the schemas. To avoid important performance loss, the XSD Business Document is never fully validated.

  • When is the validation done?
  • The validation is done only when the user modifies the DML pattern of a specific element and only on that element. The warnings or errors are shown or cleared in the editor on the specific element which is modified and all its parents.
  • Where can the errors/warnings be seen?
  • If Build Automatically is enabled and the changes are saved, the errors or warnings are also preserved in the Problems view when the user starts the application again.
  • What elements are marked with errors or warnings in the editor?
    • Case 1: DML Pattern is modified and contains errors or warnings. The editor shows immediately the error or warning on the element and its parents. Correcting the error clears also the editor of errors.
    • Case 2: DML Pattern is modified and contains errors or warnings. User saves the changes. The application is closed and reopened. The editor shows errors or warnings only on the root element.
  • How to navigate from Problems view to the specific element in error?
  • Double click on the error in Problems view to navigate to the first element which matches the specific type declared in the schema which has that error or warning on the DML Pattern.

Performance issues with 1-to-1 mappings from large XSD Business Documents

Some performance issues may arise when creating and simulating 1-to-1 mappings or mapping flows for large XSD Business Documents.

TRADACOMS to XML Auto Mapping

It is no longer possible to create maps automatically from a TRADACOMS business document (bdoc) to an XML or XSD business document (bdoc).

This limitation affects the following wizards:

  • EDI to XML
  • EDI to XSD

These wizards can be accessed via the menu Tools > Generate DML Map. When opening these wizards, the user can still select a TRADACOMS business document from the workspace, but an error message will be displayed stating that the mapping to XML/XSD is no longer possible from a TRADACOMS business document.

Database Maps

  • If the user is changing settings on the wizard, the generation of the necessary input and output business documents can fail in certain cases.
  • Stored procedures cannot handle results which return more than one record.


HTTPS UI connection limitations for Map deployment

If you enable HTTPS for the B2Bi UI connection and also select the Require client authentication option in B2Bi, the Map deployment from Mapping Services fails. Do not select the Require client authentication option for HTTPS if you intend to deploy maps from Mapping Services to B2Bi.

Search / replace functionality in Map editor

There is no search/replace functionality for Datamapper maps.

EDI Repository Viewer

The EDI Repository Viewer feature is not available in Mapping Services 3.3.1.

Import of AmtrixDatamapper maps

Amtrix Datamapper maps can be imported into Mapping Services, but they require changes in order to make them compile on the B2Bi Server. Refer to your Amtrix migration guide.

Database / SAP® maps

Database / SAP® maps may require extra validation as they are not fully qualified in Mapping Services 3.3.1.

Limitations for EDI standard maps

Some maps which are referencing the EDI standard do not function. This applies to the following standards, for example X12 standard, CargoIMP. For those formats, create ADF-based maps. You can create the necessary ADFs using the Datamapper Metadata Browser (external tool). Afterward, you can import the ADFs into Mapping Services.


When deploying Datamapper maps to B2Bi, the contents of the Datamapper container is not displayed correctly. Children of a Datamapper Map, if they exist, do not display.

Documentation generation

This feature is not supported for Datamapper in Mapping Services 3.3.1.

Simulation Suite

The simulation suite is not supported for Datamapper in Mapping Services 3.3.1.

Main Code and deployment

The deployment of public main code is not supported.

Features with limited warranty

The feature, Datamapper - Gefeg.FX importer, is available in Mapping Services 3.3.1 in a beta version only, so no guarantee is given with regard to its reliability.

The feature, DML editor design view (beta), was removed from Mapping Services 3.3.1. It was a beta version, so no guarantee was given with regard to its reliability.


This section describes documentation enhancements and related documentation.

Documentation enhancements

The Mapping Services Overview Guide is now reorganized. Some content is now located in the Mapping Services DML User Guide and the Mapping Services Datamapper User Guide.

The Mapping Services DML Reference Guide content is now located as appendix items in the Mapping Services DML User Guide instead of being delivered as a separate document.

The Mapping Services Version Management Guide with SVN is now renamed to Mapping Services Version Management User Guide and includes instructions for using Git as well as SVN.

Go to Axway Support at to find all documentation for this product version.

Support services

The Axway Global Support team provides worldwide 24 x 7 support for customers with active support agreements.
Email or visit Axway Support at


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