The following topics describe how to set up and maintain X.400 delivery exchanges and the X.400 subsystem, which includes X.420 and X.435 embedded servers.

Caution   Interchange provides X.400 support primarily for legacy users of the X.420 and X.435 electronic mail standards or users who need to conduct e-commerce messaging with new partners via X.400. Other users and their partners should first consider adopting AS1 or another EDIINT protocol.

This documentation presumes you have a comprehensive knowledge of X.400.

Can you use X.400?

You can use X.400 if your software license enables this functionality. To check, select Help > License information on the toolbar in the user interface.

Operating system exception

X.400 delivery exchanges can be used on computers running any of the operating systems supported for Interchange, with the exception of Solaris 10 (x86).

For a list of supported systems, see the Interchange Installation Guide .


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