Activate large message handling

By default, a WebTrader sponsor community in Interchange can send or receive documents of up to 50 MB. If your WebTrader users will be sending larger documents you should activate large message handling on the WebTrader community configuration.

To do this you:

  • Provide WebTrader users with licenses in which the webtraderAppletForLargeFiles key is enabled.
  • Enable a Secure file HTTP or HTTPS trading pickup on your WebTrader sponsor community. When Secure file is enabled on the sponsor community, the sponsor's WebTrader partners use a dedicated applet to upload documents to the sponsor's server through the Secure file trading pickup.
  • To enable a Secure file trading pickup, see Secure file message protocol.

Activate large message sending for WebTrader partners

  1. Log on to the Interchange user interface.
  2. Select Trading configuration menu > Manage trading configuration.
  3. From the list of communities, click the community that represents you as a WebTrader sponsor.
  4. From the list of tasks, select Add a secure file HTTP or HTTPS partner exchange to use the WebTrader large file applet, then click Next.
  5. The Choose a message protocol screen is displayed.
  6. Select the option Secure file (HTTP, FTP, SFTP. file system, JMS, IBM MQSeries, WebDav), then click Next.
  7. On the Choose transport protocol screen, select HTTP.
  8. On the Choose HTTP transport type screen, select an option:
    • Use the system's global embedded HTTP server
    • Use staged HTTP web servlet
    • Define a new embedded HTTP or HTTPS server
  9. Complete the remaining screens, depending on the transport type you selected on the previous screen.
  10. Set the exchange to active status. Uploads and downloads work on HTTP and HTTPS connections.

UI behavior for WebTrader users

Large message trading not enabled

When large message trading is not enabled (Secure file not configured for the sponsor community), WebTrader partners can send messages of up to 10 MB. Attempts to send larger messages will fail.

If you, as the WebTrader sponsor have a license with the webtraderAppletForLargeFiles key enabled, but you have not enabled Secure client on your sponsor community, the partner will see the following message displayed on their Send documents page:

When this message is displayed, the WebTrader partner can continue to send documents of less than 10 MB.

Large message trading enabled

On first connection to the sponsor server via the WebTrader UI, the WebTrader user's browser displays a Java applet status information message and it downloads the large file handling applet.

After the applet is downloaded:

  • The configuration error message is no longer displayed.
  • When the WebTrader user sends files, an Upload Progress window reports upload progress and warns the sender not to close the browser until the a server response acknowledges the send. The user must manually close this window to continue working in the interface.
  • When selecting messages to send, the WebTrader can select a directory. Interchange then compresses all files in the directory into a ZIP or TAR file for transmission.

File chunking

WebTrader engages chunking for uploads and downloads of files larger than 2 gigabytes. Chunking is disabled for smaller payloads.

To activate chunking for all uploads and downloads, set the following property to true:


Add the property to the file.

In Windows the file is on the client WebTrader’s computer at:

\Documents and Settings\<user directory>\.cyclone

In UNIX or Linux the file is on the client WebTrader partner's computer under the user’s home directory. The file may be hidden. Use the ls –a or ls -la command to reveal hidden files.

The applet that manages uploads and downloads only creates an file as needed. If the file exists, the WebTrader partner can add the property and value to the file. If the file does not exist, the WebTrader can create a file by that name and add the property and value to it.

Reset standard upload limit

The standard limit for file uploads of 50 MB applies generally to all Interchange HTTP uploads. It is possible to reset this limit. To do this:

  1. Go to < install directory>/webapps/ui/WEB-INF/.
  2. Open the file web.xml in a text editor.
  3. Modify the value of the following lines, resetting the value as required:
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart Interchange for the change to take effect.
Note   This value is not conserved on upgrades. If you upgrade your Interchange installation you will need to reset this value in the upgraded file.

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