Additional WebTrader user management options

As an administrative user, you can manage various characteristics of WebTrader users from the UI.

  1. From the WebTrader manager menu, select an existing WebTrader partner to open the summary page for that WebTrader partner.
  2. On the navigation graphic at the top of the summary page click the Users icon.
  3. The WebTrader users screen is displayed. This screen lists the users who are authorized to log on to WebTrader as representatives of that partner.
  4. Click the name of a user from the list, to view and modify the characteristics of that user.
  5. The Change WebTrader user screen is displayed. Use the options in the following tabs to view and modify the user:
    • General tab - Use this tab to modify:
      • User full name
      • User email
      • User phone number
      • User descriptive text
      • Email notification of document reception (on or off)
      • Enable/disable status
      • Password change requirement
    • Alternate contact tab - Use this tab to add or modify alternative contact information about the user.
    • Roles tab– Use this tab to assign or remove user roles. See Additional WebTrader user management options.
    • Date/Time tab – Use this tab to select the time zone displayed in the user's interface view.
    • Sponsor tab – View contact information about the current sponsor.
  6. After making any modifications, click Save Changes. To close this screen without making any changes, click Cancel.

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