Add WebTrader user roles

Roles are sets of predefined permissions that you can create for WebTrader users. After you create roles you can apply different roles to different users, or the same role to multiple users.

By default, Interchange provides a single WebTrader role named WebTrader user. To view this role, from the WebTrader manager menu, select Manage WebTrader user roles. This role provides all of the permissions available to WebTrader partner users. To view the list of permissions, double-click the WebTrader user item in the Roles list. The following permissions are listed:

  • Basic viewing and management. All WebTrader users must have this permission.
    • Change email notification state
    • Create, delete and rename folders
    • Delete and rename documents
    • Download documents to view their contents
    • Send documents

You can modify this role. You can create additional roles with different sets of permissions for different groups of users. A single user can have no roles (no rights), a single role or multiple roles.

Add a new role

To create a new role:

  1. Select WebTrader manager > Manage WebTrader user roles.
  2. In the Roles page, click Add a role.
  3. In the Add a role page, complete the fields:
    • Role name (mandatory) – Enter a name this role.
    • Description – Optionally enter a text description. This description appears in the Roles screen to remind you of the characteristics of the role.
  4. From the list of permissions in the Add a role screen, select the permissions to associate with this role.
  5. Click Add this role.
  6. The new role appears in the list of roles on the Roles page.

Change the role of a WebTrader user

  1. From the WebTrader manager menu, select an existing WebTrader partner to open the summary page for that WebTrader partner.
  2. On the navigation graphic at the top of the summary page click the Users icon.
  3. The WebTrader users screen is displayed. This screen lists the users who are authorized to log on to WebTrader as representatives of the WebTrader partner.
  4. In the users list, click the name of a user for which you want to change roles.
  5. The change WebTrader user screen is displayed.
  6. Select the Roles tab.
  7. From the list of roles, add or remover roles for the user by selecting or clearing the check boxes. A user can have no roles (no rights), a single role or multiple roles if multiple roles exist.
  8. Click Save changes.

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