Manage sponsor and trading relationships

After you add a WebTrader partner, you can change the sponsor community, provided that you have more than one community. You can also specify with whom a WebTrader partner can trade.

  1. From the WebTrader manager menu, select an existing WebTrader partner to open the summary page for that WebTrader partner.
  2. Go to the bottom of the summary page and select the command Manage memberships and trading restrictions for this partner. Then from the export options screen select Save file to save the WebTrader partner information to a file.
  3. Use the tabs to change the WebTrader sponsor and trading partner:
  4. Communities tab – Use this tab to select the communities with whom the WebTrader partner can trade. You can select multiple communities from the displayed list. The WebTrader partner can trade with all members of all the communities you select, unless privileges are limited on the Trading restrictions tab. If no communities are selected, the WebTrader partner can trade only with its sponsor.
  5. Sponsor tab – Use this tab to select the community sponsor for the WebTrader partner. A WebTrader partner can have only one sponsor.
  6. Trading restrictions tab – From this tab you can select or deselect the following options:
    • Allow trading with all members of subscribed communities
    • Allow trading with the sponsor only
    • Allow trading with all members of subscribed communities. In addition, any WebTrader that has been limited to trading with the sponsor will be allowed to trade with this WebTrader as well
    • For detailed descriptions of how to apply WebTrader restrictions, see Manage trading restrictions.
  7. Click Save changes.

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