Enable trading with non-WebTrader partners

To enable the WebTrader partner to trade with non-WebTrader partners in the community:

  1. From the WebTrader manager menu, select an existing WebTrader partner to open the summary page for that WebTrader partner.
  2. Go to the bottom of the summary page and select the command Export this partner as a non-sponsored partner profile. Then from the export options screen select Save file to save the WebTrader information to a file.
  3. Give copies of the exported profile file to non-WebTrader partners in the community who want to trade with the WebTrader partner. The partners must import the file into their Interchange systems. The exported file contains contact information and a routing ID for the WebTrader partner. It also contains the sponsor’s certificate and public key for securely moving documents between non-WebTrader partners and the sponsor’s community.
  4. Contact the WebTrader partner and provide the URL for connecting to the WebTrader log-on page in a browser. Also provide the user ID and password for logging on to WebTrader. Advise the WebTrader partner to change the password after logging on the first time.

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