Group WebTrader partners by category

You can create categories and use them to group WebTrader partners, just as you can with other Interchange partner types. Categories are useful to limit search results to specific groups of users that share common characteristics, such as physicians, technical labs or pharmaceutical companies.

For a review of how to create and manage partner categories, see Group partners by categories.

Add a category

  1. Select Partners > Manage categories to open the Categories page.
  2. Select Add a category to open the Add a category page.
  3. Enter a category name for your WebTrader partners.
  4. Optionally, for a regular category, select a parent category.
  5. Click Add to create the category.

Add a WebTrader to a category

  1. Select WebTrader manager > Manage WebTraders.
  2. From the WebTrader partners screen, click a WebTrader partner in the list to open the WebTrader summary page for that WebTrader partner.
  3. From the WebTrader Summary screen, click the Categories icon on the summary graphic.
  4. Select the category you would like to use to classify this WebTrader partner .
  5. Click Save changes.

After you add a WebTrader partner to a category

When a WebTrader partner belongs to a category, you can use the category filter in the search tool of the WebTrader users page. This enables you to limit the display of WebTrader partners to those partners that belong to a specific category.

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