Add a WebTrader user to a partner

When you create a WebTrader partner, you specify a single user for the partner. After the initial creation, you can create additional users that also have permission to log on to the WebTrader user interface using the same WebTrader partner account.

To add additional users to a WebTrader partner:

  1. From the WebTrader manager menu, select an existing WebTrader partner to open the summary page for that WebTrader partner.
  2. On the navigation graphic at the top of the summary page click the Users icon.
  3. The WebTrader users screen is displayed. This screen lists the users who are authorized to log on to WebTrader as representatives of the currently selected partner.
  4. Click Add a WebTrader user.
  5. In the Add a WebTrader user screen complete the fields:
    • User ID – Enter an account name for the user. The WebTrader user uses this ID to log on to the UI.
    • Password – Enter a password for the WebTrader user. The WebTrader user must use this password to log on to the UI.
    • This field does not appear if you have implemented single sign on.
    • Confirm password – Re-enter the password to confirm.
    • This field does not appear if you have implemented single sign on.
    • Full name – Enter a friendly name for the additional user.
    • Email address – Enter an email address for the WebTrader user.
    • Phone number – Enter a telephone number for the WebTrader user.
    • Send an email notification when a document is received from a partner – Optionally select this option to inform the WebTrader user when new documents are available for reception.
    • The content of email notifications is controlled by the webtrader_email.xml file in <install directory>\conf. Use the default configuration or edit the file to change the message content. See the notes in the file for directions.
    • To enable notification by email, you must configure a global external SMTP server. To configure the server, go to the system management page in the user interface and click Configure the global external SMTP server.
    • Enable this user – Select this option to enable this user for use after the creation process.
    • Force user to reset password upon initial login – Select this option to enforce a password change requirement.
    • Provide name about an alternate contact – Complete the following fields if you to add additional contact information for this user.
      • Full name
      • Phone number
      • Email address
      • Note (Up to 110 characters of additional textual information)
    • Choose the roles this user should have – From the list of available roles, select a role for the current user.
  6. Click Add this user.

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