Global embedded Web Services API server

The global embedded Web Services API server is available after a community adds a Web Services API server application pickup or delivery. Communities can share it. You can change the server’s port and advanced options.

To change settings:

  1. Select System management > Manage embedded servers. Or, click Trading configuration on the toolbar.
  2. On the Communities page, click the link near the bottom of the page named Manage all embedded servers.

For information about how to configure the server for use in trading, see Web Services API pickup and delivery configuration.

The following are the configuration fields for the server.

Settings tab

  • Host – The name of the computer on which the embedded server runs. Interchange detects this setting; you cannot change it.
  • Port – The port on which the server listens for connection requests.

Advanced tab

  • Minimum threads – The least number of threads Interchange must dedicate to the server.
  • Maximum threads – The most threads Interchange can dedicate to the server.
  • Read timeout (seconds) – How many seconds of inactivity to allow before Interchange terminates the connection.

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