Frequently asked questions

  • What MIME headers are used?
  • Secure file is EDIINT based (actually EDIINT AS2). Secure file uses most of the same headers as AS2. Secure file does not use as2-to and as2-from. See Sender determination.
  • Are multiple attachments supported?
  • No.
  • Is it possible to add custom MIME headers to the packaged outbound message?
  • No.
  • Which encryption algorithms and signing algorithms are supported?
  • The same as AS1, AS2 and AS3.
  • What about multi-part MIME? Are MultiPartForm data POSTs supported?
  • See the EDIINT and AS2 specifications.
  • Does Secure file support subject line parsing for true-sender and true-receiver?
  • Secure file shares code with the other EDIINT business protocols. All the EDIINT business protocols support Interchange Subject Line parsing.
  • What is the effect of security and signing vs. clear text?
  • The same as AS2. Secure file and AS2 set up with no encryption, or signature is packaged with a single body part with the content-type header set to the content-type of the payload (for example, application/edi-x12).
  • Does Secure file support synchronous acknowledgments?
  • No.
  • Does Interchange support payload content-types other than the ones referenced?
  • Yes. Interchange can support arbitrary payload content-types. The limitation is there must be a way for Interchange to determine the sender and receiver. Parsing cannot be used for sender and receiver determination unless a custom parser is written.

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