HTTP connection troubleshooting

The following flow charts illustrate an outbound HTTP connection, what can go wrong, and how you can resolve connection issues. In addition, if your community is on the receiving end of a partner’s outbound connection, the charts can help you resolve issues on your side of the connection.

These charts also apply to HTTPS (HTTP over Secure Sockets Layer). HTTPS uses an SSL certificate to encrypt the connection. Message traffic passing back and forth through the encrypted SSL tunnel is pure HTTP.

HTTP is a popular transport available under many message protocols, including AS2, secure file, ebXML, web services, RosettaNet, and the no packaging protocol. For more information see Community trading pickups and partner deliveries. The following figure shows the HTTP connection troubleshooting flow chart.

Troubleshooting flow-chart for analyzing problems with HTTP connections.

The following is the read and response time-outs flow chart:

Troubleshooting flow-chart for analyzing problems with HTTP read and response time outs.

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