Staged HTTP UI fields

The following fields are used in the delivery exchange wizard in Interchange user interface for configuring this transport. See Message protocols for staged HTTP for information about using staged HTTP with the AS2, ebXML, RosettaNet 1.1, RosettaNet 2.0 and secure file message protocols.

The URL to use is the one set up in the staged HTTP servlet user interface for the mailbox the partner has for sending documents. The user ID and password to use are those authorized in the servlet UI for the mailbox.

The "Configure staged HTTP" page of the Delivery Exchange Wizard.

  • URL –The URL for connecting to the web server. If Encode and Decode buttons display, click Encode if the URL contains spaces or non-alphanumeric characters to encode the characters. Click Decode to reverse the transformation. For example, if you enter bar and click Encode the URL becomes
  • Clients must use SSL to connect to this server –Select this to have Secure Sockets Layer protocol in use during connections. The server presents a certificate for verification. To do this, a certificate in a community or partner must be designated as the SSL certificate. The server must support SSL. If this is not selected, connections are not encrypted.
  • Enable host name verification – If selected, Interchange compares the name of the SSL server to the name in the server’s certificate to ensure they are the same. If you use DMZ nodes, we recommend against selecting this. If host name verification is enabled, messages may fail because the client is connecting to the DMZ node and not to Interchange server. This is not applicable to application exchanges.
  • This server requires a user name and password – If selected, type a user name and password to connect to the server.

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