FTP tester tool

You can use the ftpTester tool to exercise the FTP client outside of Interchange. The script to start ftpTester can be found in <install directory>\tools.

ftpTester is a console-based application that can verify the operation of the FTP client in Interchange and a partner’s FTP server. Interchange server does not have to be running to use this tool. You can use it on UNIX or Windows.

ftpTester duplicates the way Interchange accesses an FTP server. It is a test program to verify interoperability with FTP servers. If you can send, list, receive and delete files on a FTP server using ftpTester, this is a good indication Interchange can interoperate with the server.

ftpTester prompts for all the information it needs, as the following illustrates. Two views are shown, depending on whether you are testing receiving (consuming) or producing (sending).

Consumer options

Producer options

After prompting for the initial configuration information such as the host, user and password, FtpTester displays a main prompt that allows you to enter meta-commands to perform simple operations such as list, send and receive. You can enter a question mark (?) at this point to get more information.

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