FTP client scripting interface

The FTP client in Interchange includes a scripting interface to accommodate non-standard interaction with FTP servers. The default FTP client implementation uses an XML file, called the command set document. The XML file defines meta-commands comprised of one or more FTP commands to be sent to an FTP server. The default command set document works with most FTP servers without any modifications.

The following topics describe how to change the default FTP client implementation when the client must interact with an FTP server that requires non-standard commands or expects commands in a different order than the default in the command set document. Such changes can range from editing the command set document to creating Java classes that implement non-standard FTP commands.

Any change to the FTP client requires familiarity with Interchange and the FTP protocol as described in RFC 959 . Simple modifications require editing the XML command set document. Advanced modifications require familiarity with the Java programming language and writing and compiling Java classes.



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