Edit the command set document

The script that specifies commands sent to the host is the XML command set document, named ftpcommandset.xml in [install directory]\conf. It contains a set of meta-commands, each consisting of one or more FTP commands to be sent to an FTP server.

While interacting with the FTP client, Interchange executes meta-commands defined in the script, such as receive and send. For each meta-command, the script specifies the FTP commands to send to the FTP server and in what order. Interchange is not aware of the specific FTP commands being sent to the FTP server, which means changes to the command set document do not require changes to Interchange.

One example of the changes you can make to the command set document is reordering the FTP commands comprising a meta-command. As a simple example, the receive meta-command sends the Type and Size commands, in that order. You could reverse the order by transposing those two lines in the script.

Users of the FTP client, such as the ftpTester program and Interchange itself, invoke the connect and authenticate meta-commands before issuing any other commands.

Changes made to the script take effect the next time Interchange needs to access the FTP server; Interchange server does not have to be restarted.

To use a command set document other than ftpcommandset.xml, you must add an entry for your document in <install directory>\conf\filereg.xml and restart Interchange server. You also must do this if you want to use a different command set document for each FTP delivery exchange.

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