Email client partners

Interchange can exchange business documents with partners who use an email client application like Microsoft Outlook. Setting up such a trading relationship requires configuration by users of Interchange and the email client.

Recommended email applications are Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or later and Outlook Express 6 or later. Lotus Notes is not supported.

A partner who uses an e‑mail client sends documents as attachments. The partner can send more than one attachment per email. The attachments can be any combination of EDI, XML or binary documents. EDI documents have an extension of .edi, .edifact, .tradacoms or .x12. XML documents have an extension of .xml. Interchange treats inbound documents without extensions as binary documents.

The following topics cover the most common case for trading partners who use email clients to send messages with document attachments to a n Interchange community. The reverse scenario – Interchange sending documents to an email client – is not presumed.


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