ebXML troubleshooting

A first step in ebXML troubleshooting is to turn on debug level event messaging. This results in verbose messages about ebXML activity being written to system log files. To enable debug level ebXML events:

  1. Open for editing: <install directory>\conf\log4j.properties
  2. Under the section of the file titled “you can change levels of categories below this line,” find the following line:
  3. log4j.category.com.cyclonecommerce.webservices=info
  4. Change the info value to debug.
  5. Save and close the file.

Common ebXML issues and possible solutions:

  • No binary collaboration found message – Add an ebXML delivery exchange
  • Receiver routing ID is missing message – The receiver can be your community or a partner. This message indicates the routing ID for one or the other is unknown to Interchange. This could be because a routing ID for one or the other has not been defined.
  • CPA not found for CPA ID message – Make sure the CPA ID is specified in the metadata (MMD, JMS property or message attribute for the delivery exchange).
  • CanSend cannot be found for action message – CanSend Action is not defined in the CPA for the community.
  • CPA-related issues – Trading may fail because of errors or omissions in a CPA. Check a CPA thoroughly to make sure the document is accurate and complete.

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