AS1 / AS2 partner self-registration

The registration wizard helps members of a trading community generate partner information for Interchange. This topic is for partners who want to trade via the AS1 or AS2 message protocol. For ebXML, see ebXML partner self-registration.

A likely use of the registration wizard is for partners who have a trading engine other than Interchange. The wizard prompts a user to supply the information Interchange needs to build a valid partner. A community, however, could have partners who use Interchange enroll through the wizard, as well as partners who use some other interoperable trading engine.

The registration wizard is a web site hosted on Interchange server. A community with license permissions to use the wizard gives the partner a URL to access the web site in a browser and a user name and password to log on.

A n Interchange community prepares the partner registration wizard for use and the partner’s steps for using the wizard.

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Wizard preparation

Aside from configuring a community in the usual way, complete the following tasks so partners can join your community using the partner wizard. These steps are applicable only if your user license allows you to use the partner registration wizard.

  1. Set a password for the partner user if this has not already been done.
  2. When you log on to the user interface for the first time after installing, there is a link on the getting started page for Set a password for partner self-registration. Click the link and type a password for the partner user. This link only appears if your user license allows you to run the partner registration wizard.
  3. The system creates the partner user for you. Later, your partners will log on to your server’s registration wizard with the user ID partner and the password you specify.
  4. If the partner user already has been set up, check the users and roles area. Select Users and roles > Manage users or Users and roles > partner registrant.
  5.  Give your partners the following information:
    • URL – The URL for connecting to the page for logging on to the registration wizard. The URL is in the following format:
    • http://<host>:6080/ui/
    • Where the variable host is the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the computer running Interchange.
    • User name and password – The user name and password the partner must use for logging on to the registration wizard. Have the partner use partner and the password you specified for the partner user.
    • Community name – The name of the community the partner should select to join in the registration wizard.
  6. Discuss with your partner whether to trade messages via the AS1 or AS2 message protocol.
  7. After a partner registers via the wizard, a message displays on the user interface home page, prompting you to approve the registration and associate the partner with your community. Click Trading Partners in the navigation graphic at the top of the community summary page, click Add a partner to this community, select Choose an existing partner and click Next. Select the partner and click Add.

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Using the partner wizard

Before using the partner wizard, you need the following information at hand:

  • The URL to connect to the wizard in a browser.
  • A user name and password to log on to the wizard.
  • The name of the community to join.
  • The name of your company.
  • A company contact name and e-mail address.
  • The routing ID to use as your company’s unique identifier for e‑commerce trading.
  • An encryption certificate and public key exported to a file with an extension of .cer, .p7b or .p7c. Do not use a certificate file that contains your private key.
  • If trading via AS1, the e-mail address you want the community to use for sending messages to your company.
  • If trading via AS2, the HTTP or HTTPS URL the community needs for sending messages to your company. If HTTPS, you have the option of specifying in the wizard whether to compare the name of the SSL server to the name in the server’s certificate to ensure they are the same. Also, if the community needs a user name or password to connect to the server, you must provide that information in the wizard.

Once you have collected this information:

  1. Log on to the partner registration wizard.
  2. Follow the wizard prompts for registering.
  3. Wait for the community to contact you with the next steps.

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