Test trading

After you set up a community, you are ready to add trading partners and begin trading. It is a good practice to test a trading configuration before using it in a production environment.

You can perform test trading using the QuickStart partner, which is a file you can download from https://support.axway.com. You can perform test trading with a trading partner, or if you have a support contract, with the Axway QS test server.

The Axway QS test server provides you with a correctly configured trading partner. By using it you can validate your community and communications against a thoroughly tested system.

Follow the instructions below to obtain and use the Quickstart partner file. You must have permission to log on to Interchange and to create a new partner.

  1. Log in to https://support.axway.com .
  2. Search for quickstart or utility and download the Interchange_5.12.0_Utility*.zip file. Note that the asterisk represents the build number of the file.
  3. Extract the XML file and place it on your local system.
  4. Through the Interchange UI, create a new partner and upload the XML file.

The following procedure explains how to configure Interchange to exchange test documents with Axway. To trade with a partner, see Configure for test trading.

To trade with the Axway test server:

  1. Import the QS partner to your Interchange test environment.
  2. Create a community.
  3. Export your community profile as a partner profile.
  4. Zip the profile to protect it.
  5. Open a support case with Axway, attaching the exported partner profile and requesting that the zipped partner profile be imported into QS.

QS test server limitations:

You are not permitted to do stress testing, or to send extremely large files (multi-Gigabyte), except on a pre-arranged basis.

See also Document generator.

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