Start the test

Before you begin testing you need some test files on hand. For efficient testing, each of these documents should be initially 10 KB or less in size. Once you have traded a number of documents, you can increase the size of the test documents.

You can use your own documents or you can use the Document Generator utility to generate EDI or XML documents of any size and at any rate. See Document generator for how to create test documents.

  1. Start the Server application and log on.
  2. To follow trading activity, go to the Message Tracker area of the user interface. For information about this feature see Message Tracker.
  3. If you are using file system integration, place one test EDI document in the community outbound integration directory. If you are using another integration method, Interchange must be able to retrieve the document through that delivery exchange.
  4. Interchange processes these documents and sends them to Axway or your trading partner. Look at Message Tracker for notification that a message has been sent. Upon receiving the message, the partner should send a receipt to your community.
  5. If you are using file system integration, Interchange writes the inbound document to the community integration delivery exchange.
  6. After sending and receiving some EDI documents, try trading some XML or binary documents.

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