Configure for test trading

Use this procedure to configure Interchange for test trading.

We recommend creating a temporary community and a self-signed certificate for the tests rather than use the community and certificate that you would use for actual production trading of documents. You can retire the temporary community and certificate after the tests.

  1. Complete your test community. See Add a community.
  2. If you want to test trade with Axway, you can configure the community to receive messages using any of the supported pickup exchanges. If you need guidance on which transport method to use, contact technical support. For information about transport options see Add a trading pickup.
  3. If you want to test with a trading partner, you and your partner should decide which transport method to use. Then set up the community to receive messages via the appropriate transport method. For simplicity, we suggest both of you at first use the same transport method to receive and send messages.
  4. Also for simplicity, unless you have other integration plans, have the community use file system integration to pick up outbound messages and send inbound messages to the back end. See File system transport configuration.
  5. Generate a test self-signed certificate for your test community.
  6. Export your community profile as a partner profile. You can send this file to your testing partner as an attachment to an e-mail. If you send your profile by FTP, make sure to use a binary transfer.
  7. If you want to test with Axway, send the e-mail to the address Axway provides you. Type Request for Quickstart Test in the subject line of your e-mail.
  8. If you send the profile file as an e-mail attachment, we suggest using a utility such as WinZip to compress the file before sending. This is to protect the file from possible corruption during transmission. Some SMTP servers append verbiage to e-mail attachments, which can harm the profile file.
  9. Obtain your partner’s profile.
  10. If you want to test with Axway, import the Quickstart partner profile file. This file is at <install directory>\profiles\staged\partner.
  11. If you want to test with a trading partner, have the partner send the profile file to you by e-mail or another method. Then import the profile. If the partner also uses Interchange, the profile file should include the partner’s public key and certificate.
  12. If the partner uses other interoperable software, create the profile in Interchange using information supplied by your partner. The partner also must send the certificate and public key in a file.
  13. For more information see:
  14. In the partner object, select a default transport for sending test documents. If there is only one transport, that is the default.
  15. If you imported the Quickstart profile, select the delivery exchange you want to use for sending messages to Axway. On the Quickstart partner summary page, click Partner delivery on the navigation graphic to display a page that lists the available transports for sending. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the desired transport to the top of the list. The transport at the top of the list is the default method.
  16. If testing with a partner and there is more than one transport for sending, you and your partner should decide which one to use. Then select the appropriate transport to use as the default for sending.
  17. Contact Axway or your trading partner to confirm test arrangements.

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