Monitor file system health

You can have Interchange continuously monitor the directories a community uses for file system delivery exchanges. This is a good way to make sure directories linked to file system integration pickups and deliveries are working properly.

If Interchange detects that it cannot access or write a test file to a monitored directory, the system throttle is engaged. This prevents Interchange from taking on new messages to process. When the problem has been resolved, the throttle turns off. An example of when the throttle engages is when Interchange loses connectivity to a network file system.

The backup directory is monitored automatically. There is a page in the user interface that lets you add other directories to be watched. To open the page, select System management on the toolbar. On the System management page, click the task Monitor file system health to open the Monitor file system health page.

Use the Browse and Add buttons to add a directory to be monitored. You must restart Interchange server when you add or delete a directory for the change to become effective.

Note   Although the path for the backup directory is displayed on the Monitor file system health page, you cannot change it here. You must go to the Global backup configuration page to change the path. For more information, see Message backup configuration.

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