Run node as Windows service

Use this optional setup procedure to run the Secure Relay node as a Windows service.

  1. From the node’s bin directory, double-click or run setupService.bat to open the Service mode configuration window. The node must not be running to open the window.
  2. Complete the fields as needed:
    • Java executable – The path to the Java installation and java.exe file on the computer running the node. For example: C:\Program Files\Java\JRE7\bin\java.exe.
    • Home directory – The location of the node on the computer. Do not change this path.
    • Name – The name of the service. This is the name a user would use to stop and start the service from a command line using XP tools.
    • Start automatically – Select this option if you want the service to start the node when the computer restarts. Clear this option if you want to start the service manually.
    • Start service under – Select Current account to have the service start under the name of the current user’s account.
    • Select Another account to specify the user name and password of another user. We suggest using a user account dedicated only to the service and not used by any other user.
    • When used with Windows 2003, the user account used to run the node must have the “Open a session as a service” right as set by the local security policy editor. Otherwise it is not allowed to start services in non-interactive mode.
    • You can set up the Windows service under a local system account or a domain\user account. Use a domain account if the service needs to access your network or other resources requiring user permissions beyond a local account. If unsure, ask your network administrator. Type a domain\user and password only for a domain account; you do not have to do so for a local account.
  3. Click Register to save your changes.

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