Open the user interface

Before logging on the first time

Before logging on for the first time to the user interface, make sure:

  • If your license requires or optionally allows using an external database, the database is properly configured.
  • The server is running.
  • You have a compatible browser:
    • Mozilla Firefox 35 or newer
    • Internet Explorer 10 or newer
    • Chrome 41 or newer

*Browser JRE plugin requirement for WebTrader , CSOS, and FDA WebTrader/eSubmissions

Be aware and notify your trading partners of the following requirement, which is required to run applets in the user interfaces:

The browser must include the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) plugin version 1.7 or 1.8.

Note that some browsers (such as Chrome 42 – Released April 2015) do not allow Java plugins in the way plugins have been enabled traditionally in browsers. Special configuration is now required. For more information refer to the Java website under the topic of "How do I enable Java in my web browser?"

Logon procedure

To log on to the user interface:

  1. Make sure the server is running.
  2. To log on, use one of the following methods:
    • On Windows, select Start > All Programs > Axway Software > [installation name] > Admin.
    • In Windows Explorer, double-click admin in <install directory>\bin.
    • On Windows or UNIX, point the browser to:
      Host is the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the computer running the server. If the browser and Interchange are on the same computer, you can use localhost.
  3. Use admin as the user ID and Secret1 as the password when logging on the first time. The user name and password are case sensitive.
  4. These are the user ID and password of the default system user. After logging on, it is recommended that you create a user with all permissions enabled and use it as a system administrator. You should also immediately change the password of the user admin. See User administration .
  5. The first time you log on, a page titled Getting started displays. It provides tips and links for configuring the application.

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