Manually clone a trading pickup

To send a new or updated trading pickup from a peer community to one or more peer partners, you work in the Change this pickup page of the pickup.

Use this manual cloning method when you have disabled auto-cloning or when you want to send an updated trading pickup to a peer partner who has been off line for a time.


The trading pickup cloning case is a special case, because unlike other exchanges, each trading pickup belongs to a unique community. In order to clone a trading pickup, the same community must be configured on the network that is the target of the cloning.

  • You have configured a peer network.
  • You have created a community and added a trading pickup.
  • The community is duplicated on the target network.


  1. In the Interchange user interface, select Trading configuration > Manage trading configuration.
  2. From the list of communities, click the name of a community to display the Summary page for that community.
  3. Click Trading pickup in the navigation graphic to open the Trading pickups page.
  4. From the list of available exchanges, click the name of a trading pickup you want to clone to open the Change this pickup page.
  5. At the bottom of the page, in the "Related tasks" list, click Clone this trading pickup to open the cloning wizard.
  6. From the display list, select the peer partners that are to receive this cloned trading pickup, and click Finish.

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