Manually clone an application delivery

Use the application delivery cloning wizard to send new and updated application deliveries from a peer community to peer partners. The wizard is helpful when you have disabled auto-cloning or when you want to send updated application deliveries to a peer partner who has been off line for a time.

Start the wizard

To start the application delivery profile cloning wizard, select Peer network > Clone application deliveries from main task bar. This link displays only if the peer network has been enabled.

Wizard page descriptions

Communities – Community configurations may include application delivery settings. These settings determine which application delivery will handle the different messages that are consumed by each community.

To clone application deliveries, you select communities that contain delivery settings that reference one or more application deliveries. Although you select communities, it is the application deliveries that the communities reference that are cloned, not the communities.

For example:

  • community_A has application delivery settings that reference application_delivery_X and application_delivery_Y
  • community_B has delivery settings that reference application_delivery_Z

If you select only community_A, application_delivery_X and application_delivery_Y are cloned.

If you select only community_B, application_delivery_Z is cloned.

If you select both community_A and community_B, application_delivery_X, application_delivery_Y, and application_delivery_Z are cloned.

Note that when you manually clone application deliveries, you can choose the application deliveries to clone by selecting the community that references them. When you automatically clone (by using the auto-clone option of the peer rules page), you cannot selectively clone. When auto-cloning is selected, you clone every application delivery that has been added, changed and deleted.

Peers to receive cloned application deliveries — Use the second page of the wizard to select the peer partners to receive the community application deliveries. When sending application deliveries via the clone wizard, your peer partners accept them, overwriting any identical deliveries already present, whether older or newer.

You cannot use the clone wizard to direct a peer partner to delete an application delivery. That is an advantage of the auto-clone control that the clone wizard does not have.

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