Security considerations

To ensure the integrity of data, the following security measures are recommended in addition to your company's own security policies. Although risks are possibly remote, failure to institute minimum security measures may result in compromised data.

  • Do not install or run Interchange under a privileged account. This includes root in UNIX and administrator or system accounts in Windows.
  • Do not view a binary document that has been received by Interchange without first scanning the document for viruses.
  • Institute a policy for periodically changing the password for logging on to the user interface.
  • Control access to the computer running Interchange to authorized users.
  • If you use an external database on a different computer than the one running Interchange, control access to the database computer to authorized users.
  • If you manually distribute your digital certificates to trading partners, do so via a secure means. Encourage your partners to do likewise. If you send certificate files as email attachments, compressing the files with WinZip or another such tool is recommended.

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