At Axway, we strive to create accessible products and accessible documentation for all users.

This section describes the accessibility features of the Interchange product and its documentation.

Accessibility features of Interchange

Interchange provides the following accessibility features:

Keyboard shortcuts

Interchange provides a set of shortcuts for navigating the interface screens and for executing various actions.

Note   To use shortcuts with JAWS, turn off the virtual PC cursor. For more information, see Screen reader support.

The following table contains a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use:

To do this Press
Move forward through selectable objects Tab
Move backwards through selectable objects Shift + tab
Multi-select in list boxes (where multi-select is enabled) Ctrl + click
Multi-select (where multi-select is enabled) Shift + click
Select/clear check boxes and radio buttons Space
Display drop-down box content Alt + down arrow
Move cursor within drop-down box Up arrow / down arrow

Screen reader support

Interchange supports JAWS. Before you can use JAWS with Interchange, you must first configure your screen reader.

As with other screen readers, you interact with JAWS using keyboard shortcuts. Most of the time, you must press the JAWS key in combination with other keys. By default, the JAWS key is the Insert key.

To use the arrow keys and keyboard shortcuts with Interchange, turn off the virtual PC cursor by pressing the JAWS key+Z.

Accessibility features of the documentation

The product documentation includes the following accessibility features:

Screen reader support

  • Text is provided as an alternative to displayed images throughout the documentation.
  • PDFs are optimized for screen reader navigation.

Graphic readabilty

  • The documentation is very readable on high-contrast displays.
  • There is sufficient contrast between the text and the background color.
  • The colors used in graphics are designed to be easily distinguishable by people who have color blindness.

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