Message Feed Protocol

Message Feed Protocol (MFP) is an Axway proprietary protocol that you can use to submit files directly into the B2Bi integration engine. The protocol also enables you to view a status report after files are submitted.

Most B2Bi exchanges with the integration engine are communications-based and depend on transfer adapters. MFP provides an application-based interaction with the integration engine, enabling direct access to the inbuilt integrations inside B2Bi. This means that you do not have to define a pickup in order to have your messages processed by B2Bi.

A native MFP server is built into B2Bi. The default B2Bi MFP server listening port is 8877. This port is registered in the integration engine /etc/services file as:

Integratorb2bimfpserver  8877/tcp # B2Bi MFP Server Port

Communication methods

There are two principal methods for using Message Feed:

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