Add a community attribute

  1. In the user interface, from the Trading configuration menu, select Manage trading configuration to open the Communities page.
  2. From the list of communities, click the name of a community to display the Summary page for that community.
  3. In the graphic map at the top of the page, click the Properties icon to open the Properties page.
  4. From the task list at the bottom of the page, click Manage partner and community attributes template. This type of attribute works for both partners and communities and you can edit it in either location.
  5. Click Add new attribute field.
  6. Complete the following fields:
    • Name — Enter a name for this attribute. This name displays in the list on the Manage partner and community attributes template page and on the Properties pages for partners and communities.
    • Make this a required attribute — Select this option if the attribute is to be included on all exchanges with this partner. You must enter a value for processing on every partner record if you select this check box. If a Partner Summary does not contain a particular mandatory value, a message displays on the Partner's Summary page: Fill in the required attributes. It is located under the heading: You must complete the following tasks before this partner can trade.
    • Make available for searching — Select this check box so the search pages include an attribute name and value filter that you can use to search for a particular object with a particular Attribute or a particular Attribute value.
    • Make available for message processing – Select this option if the attribute is available as a criteria for conditional message processing. For example, if a map lacks a partner’s fax number, you can add an attribute named FaxNumber and add the fax number as the value. Then the number can be added to the document created by the map.
    • This attribute is a list of values — Select this option if you want to attach a selectable value or list of values to this attribute. If you select this option, you must also complete the following two fields:
      • Selection style — Select whether to display a single selectable value or a list of selectable values.
      • Possible values — Enter the value or values that are available to select. Put each separate value on a new line. A counter displays the number of characters you have used out of the possible 4000 available characters for this field.
  7. Click Add.

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