Certificate Signing Requests

Interchange does not provide a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) generation form for the purchase of third party certificates.

To obtain CSR generation capability you can download a free copy of OpenSSL and install it onto the machine where the certificate will be used. You can then use the CSR form provided in OpenSSL to purchase a certificate and download it to the machine.

Third party support disclaimer: Axway does not support the OpenSSL product. This means that, apart from the general guidelines in this topic, we cannot troubleshoot any issues nor answer any questions pertaining to OpenSSL.


  1. Use OpenSSL to generate the CSR form.
  2. Get the CSR signed by the CA (Certificate Authority) issuer.
  3. From the CA issuer, receive the public key in .p7b format.
  4. Use OpenSSL to convert the .p7b to .PEM format.
  5. Convert the .PEM file to .p12 format (private key) using OpenSSL commands.
  6. Import the . p12 file into your community profile in B2Bi.
  7. You may separately need to obtain the root and/or intermediate certificate(s) for this new certificate from the CA issuer to import into the community profile's "Trusted root certificates" store or "Trusted SSL root certificates" store as appropriate. This separate step is required if Interchange does not explicitly trust your new certificate.

After completing the procedure you can uninstall OpenSSL.

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