Use the partner search tool

When you have a large number of partners to manage, it is useful to use the search tool on the Partners page to find specific partners.

The search tool is located in the left panel of the Partners page. If the search panel is hidden, click the SHOW/HIDE tab to display it. By default, this page lists all partners, regardless of community membership

You can launch searches that use any combination of the following criteria:

  • Partner name
  • Routing ID
  • Delivery protocol
  • Delivery transport
  • Transport location (protocol URL)
  • Partner community membership or partners who do not belong to a community
  • Partner delivery message protocol
  • Partner category membership

You can use the wildcard characters " *" and " ?" for searches. You can combine wildcards with partial names. For example, *part* would return MyPartner if such a partner existed.

To filter for search results that return every instance of a criteria, use either the asterisk wildcard character ( *), or use the syntax: [ANY]. Note that you must use the opening and closing brackets around ANY, or the search will not return any results.

Searches are not case sensitive.

You also can specify how many columns of information to display for the partners found in a search. In addition to partner name, you can display default routing ID, contact, default delivery exchange, categories, and communities.

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