Add a trading pickup

For an overview of trading pickups and deliveries, see Community trading pickups and partner deliveries.

  1. In the user interface, select Trading configuration > Manage trading configuration.
  2. From the list of communities, click the name of a community to display the Summary page for that community.
  3. Click the Trading pickup icon in the navigation graphic to open the Trading pickups page for that community.
  4. Click Add a pickup to open the Exchange Wizard.
  5. Choose a transport protocol to use to consume messages from partners and click Next.
  6. Complete the fields on the following pages. The pages and fields vary depending on the transport protocol you selected in the previous step.
  7. Note   After you complete the transport protocol configuration, your Trading pickup displays on the same row as the associated Trading delivery if the transport settings are the same (for example, both HTTP). If the transport setting are different (for example, pickup is POP and delivery is SMTP), then the pickup displays on one line with the delivery on a separate line immediately following the pickup line.

Common pages:

View the following topics for information on configuring specific trading pickup types:

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