Message metadata and attributes

Metadata are information about messages handled by Interchange. Metadata can be used to trigger processing actions within Interchange. Interchange also can attach metadata to messages routed to back-end integration systems.


Attributes are metadata used by Interchange for processing and as search criteria for UI displays. An attribute comprises an attribute name and one or more values that are associated with the name.

You can use attributes in two situations:

  • Searching for objects – The search pages include an attribute name and value filter, so you can search for a particular object that has a particular Attribute or a particular Attribute value.
  • Message handling – You can configure a service, for example, to run only if a specific attribute/value is detected. For example, if the sender is JohnSmith, then the message is routed to a particular Partner, such as XYZPlumbing. In another example, if a map lacks a partner’s fax number, you can add an attribute named FaxNumber and add the fax number as the value. Then the number can be added to the document created by the map.

Attribute templates are reusable. You access them from a link on the associated object page. After you create a template, it is automatically displayed on the attributes tab for that object. You flag the Attribute as either:

Optional – You add a specific value in the object wizard when creating the object or you can update the object at a later time. If you don't want to use that attribute, it is ignored if you don't add a value.

Mandatory – You must enter a value for processing. If a Partner or Community Summary does not contain a particular mandatory value, a message or icon is displayed advising that the required attribute values are not yet complete for the Partner or Community.

Objects with available attribute templates are:

  • Communities, Partners , and WebTrader Partners
  • WebTrader documents

Within the various attribute wizards, you may add, modify, delete, or export, depending on the status of the attributes.

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