Message Simulator

Use the Message Simulator to test whether messages are routed through the correct application delivery. The simulator lets you pretend a community has received a message from a partner via a particular message protocol. Click Run test to see which delivery the community uses to send the “message” to an application.

If you have configured delivery criteria for an application delivery, the simulator enables you to test the configuration. For information about delivery criteria, see Message attributes tab and Delivery settings.

To open Message Simulator, select Trading configuration > Message simulator.

Before using Message Simulator, you need at least one community and one integration delivery for the community. You do not have to add an exchange for the community to receive messages from partners to use the simulator.

Message Simulator field descriptions:

  • Simulate inbound message for – The community to receive the simulated message from a partner.
  • Simulate receiving message via – The message protocol the community pretends to use to receive the message from the partner. You can select any protocol, regardless of whether it has been configured in the community profile.
  • Application delivery criteria – Optional metadata and values specifying delivery criteria for an application delivery. Select a metadata element, type a value and click Add. You can add multiple elements and values.

To run a test and change configuration information:

  1. Click Run test to display test results.
  2. Click Edit this exchange point below the test results to change delivery criteria or other configuration.

The messages produced by Message Simulator are not real and are used only for testing. Message Tracker does not keep records of simulated messages.

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