Delivery settings

Use the Application delivery settings page to manage the settings that control how Interchange routes messages after they are consumed by a community trading pickup.

To open the Delivery settings page, open a community Summary page and in the navigation graphic, click the Delivery settings icon.

Add an application delivery setting

Click Add an application delivery setting to add an application delivery to the list.

You can add as many application deliveries as you want, but only the first (top) application delivery in the list is used as the default delivery.

If you add more than one application delivery to the delivery settings list, you can use the up and down arrows to arrange the application deliveries in an ordered list.

Manage application delivery settings

Click in the Criteria and settings column of any entry of the list to open the Change application delivery settings page.

Use this page to define the conditions that cause payloads to be delivered to the appropriate application delivery. If a payload does not satisfy the delivery criteria for any application delivery, then the first available application delivery is used. An application delivery with no criteria is used only if it is the first one available.

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