Activate self-registration for WebTrader partners

As a WebTrader sponsor you can activate the WebTrader registration wizard. This wizard lets WebTraders set up their own trading profiles without help from you as sponsor. This provides a way to get many WebTraders configured to trade messages.

As the WebTrader sponsor, you must activate the service on the Interchange server, and communicate the access password to your WebTrader partners.


The webtraderSelfRegistration key in the Interchange license.xml file must be enabled.


Complete the following steps to enable your WebTrader partner users to self register.

  1. If you have not done so, on the Getting Started page the user interface, select Set a password for the WebTrader self-registration user.
  2. A page displays, prompting you to set a password for the user WebTrader registrant.
  3. Type a password for the user and click Save changes.
  4. This action adds the WebTrader registrant user and displays the change user page. The user ID is webtrader and the password is the one you specified.
  5. You can manage WebTrader partner details on the WebTrader partners page ( WebTrader manager > Mange WebTrader partners).
  6. Communicate the following information to partners who will use the WebTrader registration wizard:
    • URL — The URL for connecting to the page for logging on to the registration wizard. The URL is in the following format:
    • http://<host>:6080/ui/
    • The variable <host> is the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the computer running Interchange.
    • User name and password — The user name and password the partner must use for logging on to the registration wizard. This is webtrader and the password you specified.
    • Community name — The name of Interchange sponsor community the partner must select when registering.

After a WebTrader registers using the wizard, Interchange creates a file system delivery exchange for the WebTrader with the following path: <install directory>\common\webtrader\<partner name>.

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