WebTrader overview

To get started, a WebTrader partner needs a relationship with your Interchange community. The community, acting as the sponsor, enables the web trader to log on to a user interface in a browser. The sponsor's remote Interchange server (you) hosts the WebTrader session. Once logged on, a WebTrader can send and receive documents with the sponsor or a partner in the sponsor's community.

WebTraders can engage in various trading scenarios. Depending on the configuration, a WebTrader partner may be allowed to trade only with the sponsor, with any partner in the sponsor's community, or with a broader combination of sponsors, communities and trading partners. The partners in the community can include other WebTrader partners or parties who trade other message types through Interchange. The following are possible trading situations.

  • Between a WebTrader partner and the sponsor
  • A WebTrader partner and sponsor can exchange documents.
  • Between WebTrader partners
  • A WebTrader partner can trade with other WebTrader partners through the sponsor, which is acting as a re-routing agent. This can be done only if the sponsor allows such trading to occur.
  • Between a WebTrader partner and a non-WebTrader partner
  • A WebTrader partner can trade with a non-sponsor partner who uses Interchange or an interoperable third-party B2B application. The sponsor must export the WebTrader partner's profile to a file and give it to the remote partner to import into Interchange or otherwise set up in the partner's third-party system. This type of trading can occur only if the sponsor allows it.

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