Add a WebTrader partner

Use this procedure to set up a WebTrader profile on the sponsor's Interchange server.

If the sponsor requires WebTrader partners to set up their own profiles, skip this procedure and see Activate self-registration for WebTrader partners.


  • Your Interchange license must include keys that enable the WebTrader functions.
  • You must create a community to represent the sponsor.


  1. Log on to the Interchange user interface.
  2. Select WebTrader manager > Add a WebTrader partner.
  3. The WebTrader partner wizard is displayed.
  4. Complete the fields of the Enter WebTrader partner info page:
    • General information:
      • Partner name - Enter a name to identify the WebTrader in the UI.
      • Routing ID - Enter a routing ID to use when handling exchanges with this WebTrader.
      • Document store - This is the directory on your file system where all documents that the WebTrader sends and receives are stored. If you are running Interchange in a multiple-computer cluster, the directory must be shared across the cluster. The default directory is:
      • <install directory>\common\webtrader\<partner name>
    • Create login credentials for the user:
      • User ID - Enter an account name for the WebTrader partner. The WebTrader partner uses this ID to log on to the UI.
      • Password - Enter a password for the WebTrader partner. The WebTrader partner must use this password to log on to the UI.
      • Confirm password - Re-enter the password to confirm.
      • Full name - Enter the full name of the partner that this account represents.
      • Email address - Enter an email address for the WebTrader partner.
      • Phone number - Enter a telephone number for the WebTrader partner.
      • Send an email notification when a document is received from a partner - (Optional) Select this option to inform the WebTrader partner when new documents are available for reception.
      • The content of email notifications is controlled by the webtrader_email.xml file in <install directory>\conf. Use the default configuration or edit the file to change the message content. See the notes in the file for directions.
      • To enable notification by email, you must configure a global external SMTP server. To configure the server, go to the System management page in the user interface and click Configure the global external SMTP server. See the Interchange Installation Guide for more information.
      • Enable this user - Use this option to enable or disable this partner. Clear this option to deactivate a user so the user can no longer log on. You can use this option when you want to suspend, but not delete, a user.
      • Force user to reset password upon initial login - For increased security, force users to reset their default passwords.
    • Choose a sponsor for this partner - From the list of available sponsors, select the sponsor community for the WebTrader partner. The WebTrader partner becomes a member of this community. Alternatively, you can elect to choose a sponsor at a later time.
    • Choose the trading restrictions for this partner - the options are:
      • Allow trading with all members of subscribed communities
      • Allow trading with sponsor and any sponsor representatives
      • Allow trading with all members of subscribed communities and also assume the role of sponsor representative
    • Choose the roles this user should have - From the list of available roles, select the roles that you want to give to this WebTrader. After installing Interchange, there is a single default role available by default: WebTrader user. This role grants all privileges to the WebTrader user.
  5. Click Finish to create the WebTrader partner.
  6. The WebTrader partner is added to the list of WebTrader users, and is enabled to trade documents with the sponsor and, optionally, with other WebTrader partners in the sponsor community.
  7. Communicate the following information to the WebTrader partner:
    • The URL for connecting to the WebTrader log-on page in a browser.
    • The user ID and password for logging on to WebTrader. Advise the WebTrader partner to change the password after logging on for the first time.
    • A list of the partners with whom trading is permitted. For example: sponsor only; sponsor and other WebTrader partners; sponsor, other WebTrader partners and non-WebTrader partners.

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