WebTrader enables anyone with a computer, a web browser, and an Internet connection to engage in B2B commerce with other WebTraders, as well as with partners with sophisticated e-commerce trading systems.

Can you use WebTrader?

You can use WebTrader if your software license.xml file enables the webtrader key. To check, select Help > License information on the toolbar in the Interchange user interface. Additional license keys enable more levels of WebTrader functionality. The other keys are listed in the applicable WebTrader topics.

Topics in this chapter include:


These terms are used throughout this chapter:

  • WebTrader - A web service hosted on the WebTrader sponsor's server.
  • WebTrader sponsor - A web service provider who enables web trading through Interchange.
  • WebTrader partner and user - An end user of WebTrader who connects to the Interchange user interface through a web browser and a personal account.

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