The toolbar

The primary navigation aid of the user interface is the top toolbar. The options available on your toolbar depend on the functionality enabled by your user license. See the following toolbar example.

Interchange Toolbar

The following table describes the toolbar elements. Hover your cursor over the icons in the UI to view menu items.





Application home page for a dashboard view of system activity.


Configure and view orders for compliance with the Controlled Substance Ordering System. This displays only when users have a license for CSOS.

Message Tracker

Search and display trading activity records and documents.


Manage and view alert activity reports.

Tasks and Alerts

Manage alert rules and view alerts.

System management

Manage miscellaneous system configurations.

Peer network

Configure a network for managing multiple trading engine clusters. This displays only when users have a peer network license.

Trading configuration

Configure trading communities and other trading settings.


Configure trading partners.

Web Trader manager Manage WebTrader partners and roles.

Users and roles

Configure users and permissions.


Product information and user documentation.

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