Integrate with Axway Integrator

Interchange can send messages to and pick up messages from the Axway Integrator message translator via a JMS queue. This topic describes how to configure Interchange to integrate with Integrator, but does not include the Integrator tasks for integrating with Interchange. Integrator users are advised to review the Integrator documentation.

Messages are moved between Interchange and Integrator via a special JMS exchange. Setting up the Axway Integrator integration pickup or delivery exchange is almost like setting up any JMS integration exchange. The difference is you must select Integrator as the integration pickup or delivery option in the delivery exchange wizard. Integrator must be configured to use the same JMS queue as Interchange.

JMS transport configuration describes the fields for configuring a JMS transport. However, for the Integrator JMS transport, specific field values are recommended. The JMS provider used by Interchange and Integrator is Messaging. For this version of Interchange, you must use Messaging 5.5.1.

When configuring integration with Integrator via the Axway Integrator transport, follow these guidelines when using the delivery exchange wizard. The wizard already provides these as the default values.


Recommended Value

JMS type

Listener (integration pickup only)

JMS queue

For integration delivery: queue/GI2IG

For integration pickup: queue/IG2GI

If integrating with an Integrator earlier than 3.4.1:

For integration delivery: queue/CI2XIB

For integration pickup: queue/XIB2CI

This queue requires a username and password

Do not select this option


Select this option



The default value presumes Interchange and Messaging are running on the same computer. If Messaging is on a different computer, substitute the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the computer.

JNDI factory com.axway.xms.jms.XmsInitialContextFactory
This provider requires a username and password Do not select this option.
JMS connection factory factory/QueueConnectionFactory
Use a custom Java implementation Do not select this option.
Note   The Axway Integrator exchange is only for performing JMS integration with Integrator. If you do not want to integrate with Integrator, use a normal JMS exchange.

A special event router is created when adding an exchange for routing messages from partners to integration via the Axway Integrator transport. The metadata values allow each component to link messages exchanged between them. If Interchange is also configured to integrate with Axway Sentinel, the metadata correlates the messages among all three components.

Message picked up from Integrator

Interchange picks up message from Integrator

The following steps describe the flow.

  1. Interchange picks up a message from integration. Attached to the message as a string property are Integrator metadata elements. Interchange changes the element names.
  2. Integrator metadata

    Interchange changes to



    SentinelTrackedObject ExternalCycleIdTOName
  3. At the same time, Integrator can send events to Sentinel.
  4. Interchange processes the message. If Sentinel integration is enabled, Interchange sends events, but also sends information to link ExternalCycleIdValue to its newly generated SentinelCycleIdValue. Sentinel can use the information to link to the information received form Integrator in step 1.

Message sent to Integrator

Interchange sends message to Integrator

The following steps describe the flow.

  1. Interchange sends a message received from a partner to integration. Before doing so, Interchange changes names of key metadata to Integrator-friendly names.
  2. Interchange changes

    To Integrator-friendly metadata



    SentinelCycleIdTOName SentinelTrackedObject
  3. If Sentinel integration is enabled, Interchange sends events to Sentinel, but no transaction linking information is included.
  4. Integrator processes the message received from Interchange. Integrator can also send events to Sentinel. The metadata Integrator sends links back to the metadata received from Interchange.

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