CSOS configuration for receiving

Follow this outline to configure Interchange to receive signed CSOS purchase orders from partners.

  1. Install Axway CSOS. Follow the instructions in the Interchange documentation to set up a community and at least one partner. See Add a community and Add a partner to a community.
    A partner is a retail pharmacy or wholesaler that will send you orders.
  2. Download the latest DEA/CSOS CA root certificates and intermediate certificates from the DEA CSOS website at http://www.deaecom.gov/, under the Certificate Management section. These are required to verify the authenticity of the inbound signed CSOS documents. Use one of the following methods to import the certificates:
    • Automatic import – See Auto import intermediate and root certificates.
      After following the instructions, restart the server.
    • Manual import – From the Trading configuration menu, click Manage trading configuration. Select your community and click Certificates in the graphic. Under Related tasks, click Add a trusted root certificate. Use the wizard to import each certificate.
  3. Verify CRL checking is active. See CSOS certificate revocation lists.
  4. Add the following document type to configure the display of CSOS purchase orders.
    • Select Message tracker > Configure payload view.
    • Enter the following values:
  5. Document type


    Name CSOS 850
    Description CSOS 850 purchase order
    Stylesheet e222.xsl
    How to view documents Formatted through the use of a stylesheet
  6. Configure Interchange to identify CSOS orders received from partners. See Identify CSOS purchase orders.

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