The chapter Track activities and events can be useful for troubleshooting problems in Interchange. Additional troubleshooting topics in this document are listed below.

Troubleshoot online help

If you experience display problems while using the online help, clearing the browser's cache is recommended. Display issues may include the wrong page or no page displays for context-sensitive help or the table of contents links do not match pages.

Use the log4j file for troubleshooting

By changing the level of messages written to the Interchange system log files, you can control the amount of messages written to the logs. Changing the levels can be helpful in troubleshooting problems. See Troubleshooting with the log4j file.

Troubleshoot test trading

Test trading is used for testing the Interchange configuration before using it in a production environment. For troubleshooting during test trading, see Troubleshoot email testing.

Troubleshoot protocols and standards

Troubleshooting information is available in this document for the following protocols and standards.


See ebXML troubleshooting.


See HTTP connection troubleshooting.


See Troubleshooting SFTP.

Web service

See Troubleshoot Web Services configurations.


See X.25 troubleshooting.

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